Virtual CFO

Technology has transformed the world, and the way we do business.

A Virtual CFO is a specialist service that's catching on with companies across the world. Rather than hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer, you can outsource the job to a trusted Virtual CFO solution who acts as the right hand to your business – when you need it most.

At Vertex you can rest assure that our financial advisors bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table enabling positive cash flows and ensuring the financial success of your business.

Your success is our success

Our Virtual CFO solution delivers:
  • a 360-degree perspective on your business based on data capture and a deep understanding of industry trends.
  • the confidence to keep your business and its financial health on track through developing SMART key performance indicators.
  • insights into what opportunities you’re missing, how to reduce costs, get bigger market share, build a strong foundation and recover from crisis
  • peace of mind so you can focus on growing and sustaining your business.
  • advice on automation and technological solutions to drive greater efficiency.

Industries we specialise in

Our specialist advisers have insider knowledge of a diverse range of industries including NDIS,  Healthcare , Childcare, Hospitality, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics and more.

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