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About Us

Vertex Consulting & Compliance Group was launched in 2017 to fill a noticeable gap in the business consultancy market.

Our founders realised that clients who needed top notch business guidance couldn’t necessarily find that at suburban accountants. On the other hand, they couldn't necessarily manage the fees charged by mid-sized accountancy firms.

That's where we come in. We specialise in premium consultancy for small businesses with turnovers of up to $10 million. The priority is to uncover a true picture of your business, build stronger foundations and accelerate growth.

Running a business without adequate financial advice can be overwhelming. As your trusted adviser in all matters of finance, compliance and governance, we’ve got you covered.

Our Team


Faraz Khan


Faraz is the ideal hand-on leader and expert required to cultivate a business with Vertex’s aspirations. His long list of accomplishments includes distinguishable academic prowess along with an extensive corporate career, throughout of which he was involved with some of the biggest organisations in Australia, such as Medibank, Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, Melbourne Airport, etc. Faraz sets the bar with his work ethic which fosters a proactive work culture and personally reviews every project to ensure Vertex offers just what it was founded for – value for money.


Zameer Ud Din

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Few Finance professionals can boast the experience that Zameer brings to the table. Not only is his experience extensive but so is the environment in which he has operated from London to Manama and all the way down under to Victoria, he brings a collective knowledge of global financial intricacies that has been the key selling point for various clients over the years. Alongside Faraz, he co-founded Vertex with the true entrepreneurial spirit of offering something that was lacking in the market, resulting in numerous satisfied clients.


Hammad Rana

Client Relationship Manager

Hammad has more than 15 years of experience in the Finance world which has helped mould a sharp eye when it comes to helping clients identify opportunities for growth and solving existential matters. Having worked in ASX listed & Fortune 500 companies, his mindset allows him to quickly analyse current problems and even predict potential future ones. Giving him the edge in developing in-depth solutions which revolve around sustainability and growth, serving our clients in the long-run.


Moinul Hasan

Management Consultant

Having worked with over 50 NDIS businesses, Moinul knows a thing or two when it comes to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission audits. Not only did he bring an extensive background of internal auditing, but he has also further enhanced it with us. Most of our rave reviews from clients make specific mention of Moinul and how his attention to detail prepare them in the very best of manners for the audits.



Assistant Accountant

What Maaz may lack in years of experience, he more than makes up for with his positive attitude and determination to achieve the end goal. His passion for devouring reports, statements and documents make him something of a prodigy and a priceless asset to have on a team that constantly & consistently strives to achieve excellence for its clients.

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