Taxation Advice

Managing your tax affairs is about ensuring your BAS statements and tax returns are up to date, right?

The answer is not so simple. Unfortunately, many small business owners lose a lot of money because they lack the specialist knowledge, and don't consider seeking the right professional advice.

Here at Vertex Consulting & Compliance Group, we have the expertise to manage all your taxation affairs, from simple to complex. We can develop and implement strategies to minimise your tax and ensure you are meeting all your income tax return obligations.

A personal touch

We don’t just punch in numbers. Our aim is to go well beyond compliance to the finer details and understanding what is driving your business.
The whole process starts with a comprehensive onboarding process, where we learn all about your business and the industry you operate in. To grasp the bigger picture, we also look at historical data.
In an industry known for its commercially driven approach, we have established a reputation for being transparent, responsive and efficient.

What we do

Vertex offers taxation advice with a difference:
  • We distinguish ourselves by offering guidance on everything from day-to-day affairs to tax planning, wealth planning for high net worth individuals and companies.
  • We also conduct ATO Audits, Debt negotiations and other ATO matters.
  • Our team will introduce you to software solutions so you can do business bigger and better. For example, automated workflows with regular reminders keeps your tax affairs on track, with minimum fuss.

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