NDIS Consulting Services

Vertex Consulting & Compliance Group was launched in 2017 to fill a noticeable gap in the business consultancy market.

Our founders realised that clients who needed top notch business guidance couldn’t necessarily find that at suburban accountants. On the other hand, they couldn't necessarily manage the fees charged by mid-sized accountancy firms.

That's where we come in. We specialise in premium consultancy for small businesses with turnovers of up to $10 million. The priority is to uncover a true picture of your business, build stronger foundations and accelerate growth.

Services we offered

NDIS new business setup

$6,000 + GST for core module (Auditor charges are not included in this)

NDIS registrations: We have a track record of assisting 300+ providers with their registration process and if you are new to the NDIS sector and want to start your own business then you are at the right place, we will assist you from very beginning to till you receive approval from NDIS commission and beyond.*

Charges: Basic package is $6000 PLUS GST (From your company setup to audit, we will cover all the process for you)

Internal audit

As per the NDIS standards it is compulsory to have an internal audit process in place. So in order to comply with NDIS requirements you must ensure internal auditing is carried out systematically. We will offer quarterly/ bi-annual or annual IAs completed by an experienced and qualified management consultants, you will receive a documented IA report with gaps identified, and this report can be shared with external auditors or NDIS.


  • Internal Audit Annually: $1,200 + GST (suitable for providers managing less than 10 participants)
  • Internal Audit Biannually: $900 + GST (Suitable for providers managing 10-50 participants)
  • Internal Audit Quarterly: $750 + GST (Suitable for providers managing more than 50 participants)

Mid-term audit preparation

All registered NDIS providers have to go through mid-term audit after 18 months of approval and it can be daunting experience. In mid-term audit you have to ensure your organization meets all the NDIS standards requirements and there is no non-conformance in your business. Our consulting services will make it easy for you to go for Mid-term audit and pass it without any non-conformance.

  • Mid-term Audit preparation: ($1,500 + IA fees based on the frequency they choose) + GST

 Mid-term audit breakdown: Find the gaps through Internal audit, preparing detail report for IA, providing all the missing documents, forms and templates, updating policies & procedures, training & preparation for mid-term audit, webinars and workshops handover, coordinating and organizing mid-term audit and presence on the day of audit) (Do in bullet points)

Three year renewal audit

Running an NDIS business requires a lot of attention to the compliance standard as it is obligatory for every provider to go for renewal audit after 36 month, so if you are looking to go for renewal audit, and don’t exactly know from where to start. We got your back covered and from finding the gaps to filling the gaps, preparing you for audit, organizing the audit and joining you in the day of audit to ensure you get your renewal successfully.

Charges: ($2500 + IA fees based on the frequency they choose) + GST.

Note: Auditor fee is not included in this, we will organize the proposal and charges will be paid to audit company separately.

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures (core module): $1,000 + GST

Operational forms and documentations

 Operational forms and documentations (Core Module): $1,000 + GST

Nov 2021 updated policies

November 2021 Core Module policies (Emergency & disaster management and Mealtime management) : $450 + GST

High Care Policies(includes relevant care plans) : $450 + GST

Adding supplementary scopes

$500 Plus GST for each Supplementary Modules policies & procedures

NDIS webinars and one on one training to providers

$100 per hour for training.